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5 Tips for Staying Safe During The Fall Heat

Summer may be behind us, but the summer heat is still lingering. Heat waves are dangerous to California’s environment and can be hazardous to your health.
These five tips will help you and your family stay safe during the fall heat.
1. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is the most important step in staying safe on a hot day. […]

The 6 Most Typical Sport Injuries And How To Prevent Them

For anybody actively engaging in physical activity, it is common to sustain injuries to the body. Whether they are mild injuries or not, it is important to know how to prevent and treat those injuries.
Here are the 6 most common types of injuries athletes encounter and how they can be treated.
1. Knee injury – The healing […]

Scientists Make Breakthrough In Stem Cell Therapy Research

Creating new neurons to help the injured brain repair itself has long since been a dream of scientists and doctors everywhere; now it may be a reality.
A team of scientists has announced that it may have taken a major step towards realizing that dream with their breakthrough therapeutic technique. According to a Nature Medicine publication, […]

The 5 Most Common Causes of Headaches

Headaches can be quite a nuisance for most people. With the unexpected pain and irritability that can creep up on you in the midst of your day, you will begin to wonder what you can do to diminish your headache for good.
Although it may be hard to avoid unexpected headaches, knowing the causes of a headache […]

6 Ways To Protect Yourself From The Zika Virus

The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne virus that is suspected of causing birth defects in newborns of mothers affected with the virus. Preventing mosquito bites is the best method of protection from the virus as there is no treatment or vaccines for the virus. 

Here are six important steps to protecting yourself from the Zika […]

8 Surprising Facts About Your Body

There are numerous amazing things to learn about the body.
With your body having the ability to not only treat itself but carry out biological phenomenons, there are many interesting facts to uncover about the human body.
1. Your heart pumps over 120 quarts of water in one hour.

That is quite a lot of blood! In addition, your […]

4 Reasons Why Urgent Care May Be Better Than ER

Have you been stuck at the ER for hours?  Many of us have. Headache Treatment Los Angeles

When you or a loved one becomes afflicted with a sudden illness or injury that needs immediate attention, sitting in the emergency room lobby for hours on end can be an irksome and anxious experience. If this seems all […]

What type of headache are you suffering from?

Unfortunately, headaches are a part of life for many people.
Though many people have headaches, some of those people may not know what type of headache they have. Headaches are usually a signal that something needs to be corrected within the body; it does not mean that your brain hurts. Severe headache treatment can be found, […]

How to deal with different types of pain

How to deal with different types of pain

Any type of pain that affects your life can end up interfering with how you live your life.  Sometimes the pain may be due to a disease or injury or it may be from a condition like a migraine headache. Experiencing pain is not uncommon – quite […]

Look and Feel Younger: 5 Healthy Habits

Everybody wants to look younger and improve the quality of their life.
There are certain habits that can slow down the aging process of body cell degeneration.  These healthy habits will benefit your body, leaving you rejuvenated and energized for a longer periods of time.
Vermont Urgent Care presents the following 5 habits that will enable you […]