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8 Surprising Facts About Your Body

There are numerous amazing things to learn about the body.
With your body having the ability to not only treat itself but carry out biological phenomenons, there are many interesting facts to uncover about the human body.
1. Your heart pumps over 120 quarts of water in one hour.

That is quite a lot of blood! In addition, your […]

4 Reasons Why Urgent Care May Be Better Than ER

Have you been stuck at the ER for hours?  Many of us have. Headache Treatment Los Angeles

When you or a loved one becomes afflicted with a sudden illness or injury that needs immediate attention, sitting in the emergency room lobby for hours on end can be an irksome and anxious experience. If this seems all […]

What type of headache are you suffering from?

Unfortunately, headaches are a part of life for many people.
Though many people have headaches, some of those people may not know what type of headache they have. Headaches are usually a signal that something needs to be corrected within the body; it does not mean that your brain hurts. Severe headache treatment can be found, […]

How to deal with different types of pain

How to deal with different types of pain

Any type of pain that affects your life can end up interfering with how you live your life.  Sometimes the pain may be due to a disease or injury or it may be from a condition like a migraine headache. Experiencing pain is not uncommon – quite […]

Look and Feel Younger: 5 Healthy Habits

Everybody wants to look younger and improve the quality of their life.
There are certain habits that can slow down the aging process of body cell degeneration.  These healthy habits will benefit your body, leaving you rejuvenated and energized for a longer periods of time.
Vermont Urgent Care presents the following 5 habits that will enable you […]


High blood pressure isn’t just a disease of elderly people.

More then 1/3 of people aged 16-24 suffer from a certain form of hypertension.  Recent research discovered that this disease, even in its mild form, can lead to premature aging and brain damage. The conventional solution for this ever-spreading epidemic is continuous medication for blood pressure […]

The Truth On Why People Get Nosebleeds

Have you ever had a nosebleed? You most likely have as they are quite common. In fact, over 60 million Americans get nosebleeds every year. So why do people get them? Essentially, blood vessels in the nose are highly sensitive, making them susceptible to bleeding, particularly in older adults.

Although nosebleeds are common, any kind of […]

Beware: Your Halloween Makeup Might Cause Skin Irritations

It’s Halloween time again and you know what that means: scary monsters, costumes, and lots of fun! Of course, make-up is a big part of any great Halloween costume. It’s an inexpensive way to bring a costume to life, and it’s conveniently sold at pretty much any drug-store or party shop. However, not all Halloween […]

6 Cold and Flu Prevention Tips to Help You Beat Your Symptoms

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average adult can expect to contract two or three cases of the common cold every year. Fortunately, at Vermont Urgent Care, we have some useful advice to help you avoid becoming one of these statistics. Follow these six preventative tips and enjoy a happy, healthy […]

5 Ways You Can Prevent Back Pain

While many people associate chronic back pain with car accidents and other traumas, this medical condition can also easily result from normal everyday activities. The bending, stooping, and twisting actions involved with picking up boxes or carrying shopping bags are a very common cause. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours every day […]